12 HIIT Workouts to Get You in the Best Shape of Your Life

The HIIT acronym has maintained its buzzworthy status in fitness for years now—and for good reason. It stands for high-intensity interval training, and it’s meant to do everything from boost your fitness level and increase fat burn to improve your endurance and get you stronger. The best part: There are literally limitless ways to do a HIIT workout. You can stick to a cardio machine or use equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells. You can run around town or stay in your living room. Perhaps best of all, you can use only your body weight to gain the benefits, whenever you want and wherever you stand—and with just a few minutes of time to spare. Because HIIT workouts aren’t meant to last longer than 30 minutes or so, they’re incredibly efficient.

Your main goal, no matter what form of HIIT workouts you choose, is to complete a certain amount of work as fast as possible, for just quick bursts of time, says Prince Brathwaite, trainer and owner of Trooper Fitness. “This type of training should be your go-to style to maintain conditioning and burn fat,” he says.

Keep in mind, there is one crucial element to unlocking all the potential advantages of HIIT workouts, while also sidestepping injuries—that is, sustaining strong form. “What gets sacrificed (often in group classes) is the quality of the work,” Brathwaite says. “So make sure you pay attention as you go through exercises to never sacrifice form for speed.” You want to work crazy hard, but not in crazy body positions.

For HIIT workout ideas that offer the ultimate fat-burning, muscle-building, cardio-boosting payoffs, check out these 12 plans from top trainers. You’ll find a mix of workouts for various fitness levels, exercise preferences, and equipment. During any and all of them, go all out and you’ll get those gains.

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