6 Tips to Recover From Active Pursuits and Perform at Your Peak

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, working up the nerve to try a couch-to-5K running plan for the first time, or a weekend warrior who works hard and plays harder, your body needs to recover from the demands you place on it in order to stay healthy and get stronger.

Whatever active pursuit you’ve undertaken, keep in mind that your body needs time to recover. Photo: Bradley Wentzel/Unsplash

Recovery can be a tricky concept to put into practice, though, and while a lazy day of Netflix on the couch may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a rest day, a recovery plan should be just as well-tuned as a training plan to prevent injury and keep you feeling your best in whatever activities you’re into.

Here are six strategies to build a recovery plan that will keep you healthy and charging.

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