Daniel Craig’s ‘No Time to Die’ Workout

Many actors have inhabited the role of 007, but Daniel Craig’s physical transformation is unparalleled. And in No Time to Die, Craig has outdone himself. Here’s a glimpse at how he did it—with long-time trainer Simon Waterson.

Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die Nutrition

To put his 52-year-old body through such a grueling, yearlong physical preparation, Craig had to be smart about his nutrition. After workouts, if he wasn’t having a meal, Craig refueled with a plant-based recovery shake using nut milk, plus protein and greens. He also had a shot of turmeric root juice, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, as well as a probiotic shot to bolster immunity.

The Workout That Transforms Daniel Craig Into Bond

Directions: This is a pared-down version of Craig’s preshoot conditioning routine; his included role-specific speed and agility work. But this will get you strong—especially among stabilizing core muscles.

Do 10 minutes on a Wattbike or Assault AirBike, then do 12 to 20 reps of the moves in the first superset. Repeat the superset once or twice, and rest as needed. Continue with remaining supersets. Do this workout twice a week.

Daniel Craig getting stretched out
Greg Williams

Daniel Craig’s Recovery Regimen

After all this, at night you’ll want to crash. Don’t. Turn on an old Bond flick (Skyfall, perhaps), and do this recovery routine:

  • Relieve sore chest and lats by stretching and releasing a light resistance band, holding it both up and down and side to side.
  • Release shoulders, lats, legs, and back with a foam roller.
  • Reduce tightness in IT bands, hips, and glutes with a percussive massager.

No Time to Die’s new release date is November 25, 2020

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