How Michael B. Jordan’s Training for His Action Film ‘Without Remorse,’ According to His Trainer

Michael B. Jordan is back in the gym training for his next role. The Creed and Black Panther star is set to lead a new action film in Without Remorse, based on the Tom Clancy novel of the same name that centers on the character of John Clark.

The thriller will follow Jordan’s Clark, a highly skilled U.S. Navy SEAL who uncovers a massive conspiracy as he tries to solve the mystery behind his wife’s murder. The setting of the story has been updated to present day from the Vietnam War-era setting in the novel and is directed by Stefano Sollima, who was behind the camera for Sicario: Day of the Soldado, starring Josh Brolin.

Here’s the first teaser for Without Remorse:

To get ready for the film, Jordan teamed up once again with longtime trainer Corey Calliet, who helped Jordan muscle up for films like Creed, Black Panther, Creed 2, and Fantastic Four. This time around, Jordan’s preparation was a little different, as he was coming off of a non-action film after working on the legal drama Just Mercy.

“We had to take him from a lean build in his role in Just Mercy to a fully functioning soldier,” Calliet tells Men’s Journal. “When I work with Michael, I first assess where his body is at, then where it needs to be to fit the aesthetic and functioning of the role he’s entering. This helps us determine the best course of action for developing his physique to meet the physical demands of the project and understand what type of training and nutrition needs to be implemented.”

For Without Remorse, Calliet wanted to build up Jordan’s foundation to add strength, and also focused on using high-intensity workouts to keep his endurance at a high level. Calliet created a plan that included aspects for Jordan’s workouts, nutrition, his sleep and recovery schedule.

“We first focused on using a fundamental bodybuilding training routine to gain size and change his body composition,” Calliet says. “We then entered a 12-week military training camp, which included every aspect of basic training. Our training days would typically include some form of field training with weights to define his physique and increase strength, and HIIT cardio sessions to keep Michael’s stamina and endurance where it needed to be.”

Paramount / Without Remorse
Michael B. Jordan as John Clark in the first teaser for ‘Without Remorse.’ Paramount / Without Remorse

As for nutrition, Calliet kept Jordan on a strict schedule: “Regardless of what phase of his training we were in, it always included a nutrition plan that had him hitting his macros goals,” Calliet says. “Michael was eating every 2-3 hours and was working out twice a day. It’s also important to snack smart. Trail mix with almonds were always on hand. It’s our go-to for that plant-based protein.”

Without Remorse is set to hit theaters on September 18, 2020.

Here’s a recent look at Jordan as he was gearing up to start filming Without Remorse:

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