‘Dear health-care worker’: Send a message of thanks to those on the front lines

It all started with a selfie. 

Actually, several selfies — taken by several health-care workers on the frontlines of fighting COVID-19 — that prompted CBC Information Radio host Marcy Markusa to launch a great big gratitude campaign.

Specifically, she decided to put pen to paper and thank those health-care workers directly. 

What’s more — she’s inviting all Manitobans to join her in this effort.

“Imagine what it might feel like for a hard working healthcare worker to hear these messages right now,” Markusa said. “Letters full of sincerity, thanks and even a little humour after a long shift.”

I could never do their job. That’s where my letter started.– Marcy Markusa

Markusa got the idea after “scrolling” through health-care worker’s selfies after their shifts. 

“Face after face had dark circles under the eyes and cheeks that were deeply indented, where the mask elastics that stand between the workers and illness had dug into their skin,” Markusa said. “It just got to me for some reason and I thought, “I could never do their job.”  That’s where my letter started.”

And that’s where Manitobans can help.

Sit down and get hand writing your one page letters. Do it alone, do it with the kids, write a family letter! 

After it’s done, record yourself reading it. (Don’t worry, nothing fancy!)  

Take a selfie of you holding it up and then send the video and pic to manitobagrateful@cbc.ca — with ‘Dear health-care worker’ in the subject line.   

Good luck and get writing! (And we will let you know how we’re going to deliver those messages.)

WATCH | Marcy Markusa’s letter to health-care workers:

CBC Information Radio host Marcy Markusa reads an open letter of thanks to Manitoba’s health-care workers on the front lines of COVID-19. 2:48


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